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This technique can be used to correct open bite, deep bite cases that otherwise might need orthognathic surgery.
We also found that it helps improving obstructive sleep apnea, alleviates migraine, headache since it enlarges the arches.

This case include:
-Mandibular lateral deviation to the right
-Anterior crossbite
Treatments include orthodontics to reposition mandible and correct bite. Composite fillings were used to restore the abraded upper anterior teeth afterwards.

This young lady had an accident resulting in a broken upper right central incisor. Implant was not an option at the time due to her young age.
The decision was made to have the tooth slowly extruded using orthodontics and finally restored completely with composite restoration.
At 2 years post op the surrounding bone heals beautifully supporting the soft tissue around it resulting in a pleasing smile.

Patient had an accident resulting in a fractured upper right lateral incisor. Tooth was restored with minimal invasive procedures involving composite on the inside and porcelain outside.